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We’ve set up this blog to help make the 2008 ‘Rendez-vous de l’INRIA‘, on 28 May in Brussels, more interactive.

Not everyone can make it to the Rendez-vous de l’INRIA, but this blog allows you to join in the conversation on on the theme “Innovating for competitiveness in ICT: towards an EU framework for technology transfer”. Simply comment on anything you see here – or post your own opinions – before, during or after the event. Here’s how.

What is the Rendez-vous de l’INRIA?

Every 18 months, the Rendez-vous brings together INRIA’s partners from the academic world, institutions and industry to map out the goals and strategies of European research in the area of information and communication science and technology (ICST).

As the Commission prepares its Recommendation on the European Charter for the management of intellectual property by public research institutions, the 2008 event aims to provide EU policy makers, researchers and the industry with a high level forum to discuss the optimal way to implement pan-European Technology Transfer. More…

INRIA in brief

The mission of the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control is to carry out research in Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies (ICST). More…

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